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Current Issue

January-March  2018
Vol 9 | Issue 1

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Health consequences of poor oral health?
[INLINE:1] Academics in Finland have explored the role of a bacterium linked with periodontitis in the development of oral and certain other cancers. In a second study, they also found a link between...
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Review Article
Adult rhabdomyoma of the tongue in a child: Report of a case and a literature appraisal
Rhabdomyoma, by definition is a benign muscle tumour.. Rhabdomyomas constitute 2% of all myogenous neoplasms. This tumour is in incongruence with other benign soft tissue tumours, in that it is ra...
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Original Article
Evaluation of bond strength and load deflection rate of multi-stranded fixed retainer wires: An In-Vitro Study
Background: Fixed orthodontic retainers must be well retained on the tooth surfaces, allow physiologic movement of teeth and exert minimal forces on the teeth to be retained. Previous studies a...
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Original Article
Detection of Hepatitis C Virus RNA in blood and saliva of transfusion-dependent thalassemia patients diagnosed with Hepatitis C
Background: The aim of the current study was to detect hepatitis C virus (HCV) RNA in blood and saliva of a population of patients with thalassemia who have HCV antibody in their serum. Mate...
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Original Article
Microphotographic assessment of enamel surface using self-etching primer and conventional phosphoric acid: An In vitro Study
Introduction: Conventional acid-etching method irreversibly removes several microns of enamel surface and also involves many steps. Hence, a simplified technique that minimizes enamel loss, imp...
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