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Current Issue

January-March  2015
Vol 6 | Issue 1

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Guest Editorial
Changing patient safety in India: Mandatory hepatitis B immunity
Hepatitis B is a dreaded infectious disease and one of the major global public health problems and is the tenth leading cause of death. The global disease burden is staggering with about two billion p...
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Cancer: Forbidden cures?
Cancer is the leading cause of death in the world. Despite the estimated high death rates as a result of cancer, it is mostly a preventable disease. Due to their safety, low toxicity, antioxidant prop...
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Original Article
Periotest values: Its reproducibility, accuracy, and variability with hormonal influence
Tooth mobility can be assessed by both subjective and objective means .The use of subjective measures may lead to bias and hence it becomes imperative to use objective means to assess tooth mobility. ...
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Original Article
Accuracy of Demirjian's 8 teeth method for age prediction in South Indian children: A comparative study
Introduction: Demirjian's method of tooth development is most commonly used to assess age in individuals with emerging teeth. However, its application on numerous populations has resulted in wi...
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Original Article
Comparative study of mechanical properties of direct core build-up materials
Background and Objectives: The strength greatly influences the selection of core material because core must withstand forces due to mastication and para-function for many years. T...
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