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Current Issue

July-September  2018
Vol 9 | Issue 3

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Big tobacco, big food, big alcohol “lifestyle diseases”
[INLINE:1] Industrialized countries have done pioneering work over the past decades. We have evolved from gathering berries to drive-through and from walking up the stairs to taking a ride on an elev...
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Original Article
Comparative evaluation of desensitizing efficacy of dentifrice containing 5% fluoro calcium phosphosilicate versus 5% calcium sodium phosphosilicate: A randomized controlled clinical trial
Background: A considerable number of agents are effective in the treatment of dentin hypersensitivity (DH). The present 2 months' randomized clinical trial compared the desensitizing effica...
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Original Article
Assessment of the effect of dimensions of the mandibular ramus and mental foramen on age and gender using digital panoramic radiographs: A retrospective study
Background: A retrospective study is conducted to evaluate the mental foramen size and ramus height using digital panoramic radiograph to see if these parameters could be used to determine a co...
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Original Article
Comparison of rate of canine retraction and anchorage potential between mini-implant and conventional molar anchorage: An In vivo study
Aim: The aim of this study was to compare the rate of canine retraction, the anchorage loss, and the change in the inclination of the first molars between molar and mini-implant anchorage. O...
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Original Article
Prevalence, characteristics, and morphology of supernumerary teeth among patients visiting a dental institution in Rajasthan
Context: Supernumerary teeth/tooth (ST) is a developmental anomaly of dentition. Variation in developmental and eruption pattern of ST can lead to the development of numerous complications in o...
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